Step 3 is where we put the system into action by refining your wardrobe!  Here we have the opportunity to take all that we have learned about our new style identity and bring it to life in our closets and drawers!  Some call it “editing” others call it “resetting”, our gimmestyle system calls it “refining”, in other words we are simply making small changes, in most cases, to help improve your wardrobe to best represent the confident YOU!

So how do you Refine your Wardrobe?

Here we review our recommitted style plans from Step 2 along with the suggested “do more and do less” list and literally walk through our closet and drawers to remove items that we feel no longer represent our style… and then begin adding items that DO!

We’ve approached this a few different ways and it really depends on the client!  Some want to purge or clean-out everything that no longer align with their new style immediately, while others start slowly by removing items that no longer fit correctly, make them happy when wearing or things that haven’t been worn in some time!  Notice we said “removing”… some clients don’t want to get rid of items entirely and that is a personal choice! Maybe you put them aside where you can’t see the items for a set period of time to ensure you can part with them BEFORE you remove them from your life… and we strongly encourage donating to local charities and women’s shelters whenever possible, when the time to part ways feels right, of course!

Refining your wardrobe should be like a cleansing session but not everyone is as nutty as we are and finds this therapeutic! But that is why we are here to help you with our gimmestyle System.  Read our #springcleanyourcloset blog for some best known methods of how to “get through this” and shop a few of our favorite Amazon organizing favorites along the way!

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