gimmestyle System

Are you unintentionally morphing yourself into a different body shape or silhouette? Are you covering up something or over-accentuating another to inadvertently change the REAL you? What if you’ve been wearing those boxy shirts to cover your tummy thinking you are round/circle or rectangle shaped, or you’ve been wearing turtlenecks to bring peoples attention to another part of your body when lo and behold you were doing yourself a DIS-service by hiding your gorgeous hourglass silhouette! Oh the HORROR once you realize that how you have been dressing is holding you back from your real self, your real self confidence! Would you think we were crazy?

We are not crazy, well maybe a little, but we have created an easy to follow system to ensure you are dressing to feel and look great…

  1. Realize your silhouette
  2. Recognize & recommit to your style
  3. Refine your wardrobe
  4. Reset your capsules
  5. Reflect and grow 

We will break it down in a simple way to identify who you REALLY are inside and out, we’ll then point you to the outfit styles that make you feel amazing and balanced and help you create wardrobe capsules to cover every element of your lifestyle!

Before we jump into the steps below, take a look at the gimmestyle System foundation

Then we’ll move into Step 1: Realize your Silhouette

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