gimmestyle rectangle girl
gimmestyle Rectangle girl

You’ll identify with our Rectangle girl if your Shoulders, Bust, Midsection, and Hips have little to no visual variation. You’ll most commonly have a more square shaped hipline and flatter booty, giving you very little curve. Otherwise known as: Banana, Straight

gimme Rectangle to Hourglass Basics

Your goals: Define your waist and add curves to your top and bottom.

Your main objective is to focus on your waist in order to breakup your rectangle straight shape! Keep your silhouette balanced by wearing tops and bottoms that have shape, details and embellishments in areas you want to accentuate and confuse the eye.

Must haves:

  • Belts worn at your natural waist, Wide, Tie, Cinch Corset Style….to name a few
  • Necklaces especially worn with the correct neckline.

Must reads:

gimmestyle says: Good news Rectangle girl…belts and necklaces are on trend and gimmestyle can show you how to rock this look!