In step 4, we will reset your capsules as we continue to build, or improve, your personal style!  We refer to a capsule, or capsule wardrobe, as having a set number of key items, or pieces, in your wardrobe that you can mix and match with each other to make up many different looks/outfits!  How many capsules you need, or should have, depends on your lifestyle!  How many items in each Capsule? Read on…

So how do you Reset your Capsule(s)?

First, let’s address how many capsules you need, or should have!  If you’re old enough to know who the Spice Girls are/were, you know they each had their own look!  That said, you may have different looks for each element of your lifestyle!  As an example, one of our founders has six (6) wardrobe capsules (currently, wink) – Professional, Golf, Workout, Casual, Dressy/Formal and Beachwear!  That may seem like a lot but when you look at it as a capsule, the items within each wardrobe capsule are a mix and match of the same items so you don’t need so many pieces to keep to your personal style! 

Even better, all of these items are personally curated (by you, remember!) to ensure you are always feeling your best by dressing to create balance and dressing to an hourglass regardless of your actual shape! 

Having your capsule wardrobes defined takes the guess work out of getting yourself ready for whatever element of your lifestyle you are enjoying that day!  Oh, and how many items you should have in each capsule is subjective but our rule of thumb is to keep it simple and focus on the basics, or base items, first and then determine your must add items from there!  These can be seasonal must haves or hyper pieces that you can’t live without!

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