gimmestyle triangle silhouette
gimmestyle Triangle girl

You’ll identify with Triangle girl if your Hips and Booty are considerably more dominant than the rest of your frame. Triangle girls most commonly have a more round shaped hipline and a full protruding booty, giving you voluptuous curves on the bottom half of your silhouette. Otherwise known as: Pear, Spoon, Bell

gimme Triangle to Hourglass Basics

Your goals: Add width to your Shoulders and show off your waist to balance your top with the bottom portion of your silhouette.

Your main objective is to focus on maximizing the width of your shoulders, to balance with your hips to soften your Triangle shape. Keep your silhouette balanced by wearing tops that have shape, curve, breast pocket details and/or embellishments at your neck, bust, and shoulders! Wear lighter, brighter, vibrant colored tops, while wearing darker more nondescript bottoms… this draws the eye to the top portion of your silhouette. Don’t forget to show off your beautiful waist!

Must haves:

  • Shoulder Pads & Puffy Sleeves these style tops look great, fitted or belted at the waist. They broaden your shoulders giving you balance and symmetry.
  • Earrings and Neck Jewelry especially bold, large eye-catching pieces.

Must reads:

gimmestyle says: Good news Triangle girl… puffy sleeves and bold statement pieces are on trend and gimmestyle can show you how to rock this look!