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2023 Spring Trends Style Report

There’s something for everyone’s unique style this Spring. From Moto Street to Balletcore, Vintage Victorian to Classic Tailoring and everything in between. You’ll see flashbacks from the 80’s and 90’s, and several rule breakers…at least what we thought were fashion faux pas, now seem to be hip and trending, thanks to social media gamers and TikTok.

 2023 Spring Fashion is extreme this year. You’ll be seeing daytime sequins, metallic fabric, eccentric flowers, sheer layering, lace, leather, baggy jeans, cargo pants, denim maxi skirts, blazers, trousers, two-piece suit sets, ballet flats, retro low-top trainers and platform footwear. Accessories are huge this season, from oversized totes to long statement earrings.

The Fashion world is posting trendy fashion daily and all season long, and we are here to help you find the best spring styles that are right for you. has the “Editors List of Spring Trends” that we think are the most wearable! We’re confident you’ll find a bunch that match your personal style and silhouette.

We’ve broken the buzz down into bite size pieces, so you can take these trends, match them with your silhouette and fashion lifestyle….and slay your personal look this season.

Moto Street Style

This spring Moto Style merges force with femininity, giving a dangerous tough girl style. You’ll be seeing raised lines and patterns on pants, light weight leather goods, with metal studded accents, vintage t-shirts, and black wrapped sunglasses.

gimmestyle’s Moto favorites are the distressed jean jacket and Spanx’s Moto leggings.


Flash Dance is making a comeback! Balletcore is head to toe feminine style. leggings, legwarmers, shrugs, baggy jeans, slip dresses, off-shoulder, and wrap sweaters, in soft flowing sheer fabrics, silk, lace, ribbons, and tulle, worn with ballet flats, and retro low top trainers.

Vintage Victorian

Designers are reaching way back to get inspired. Vintage Victorian is one of the most popular and in demand styles this spring. Intricate jewelry, eccentric large florals, statement coats, maxi skirts, see-through lace, soft knits, high ruffle necklines and frilly sleeves.

Classic Tailoring

Spring 2023 Classic Tailored Style proves power and femininity go hand and hand. You’ll be seeing so many available options to cultivate this spring look. Tailored cinched blazers with trousers, two-piece suit sets with bustiers, and blazers to layer your look for all day style.

Remember – no matter what the trends are this season, it’s best if your closet consists of 80% foundation basics. These are base pieces that compliment your silhouette (read our Capsule Craze Blog). Then add fun seasonal trend “hyper pieces” to elevate your look, giving you effortless style every day!

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